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USA Triathlon and Every Women Vote are partnering to offer a Virtual Bike-Run Challenge! Every Women Vote is a non-profit organization championing women's right to vote. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment on August 18, the Every Women Vote Virtual Challenge will go from July 17 to August 16. Finishers of the 40 km bike and 20 km  run challenge will receive a digital finisher certificate at the end of the challenge and will be encouraged to share it on social media on August 18 to celebrate.


For more information on Every Women Vote, click here.


A cumulative challenge allows participants to tally their total distance/miles over a designated period of time. In this event, it’s a whole month! Reach your goal distance in an event in single day, a single run or bike ride, or break up the distance over multiple days and multiple workouts. Every workout counts towards your cumulative total.

In a cumulative challenge, we aim to reduce barriers to newcomers to the sport, who may not be able to complete the full distance of an event in a single workout. A seasoned participant might complete the event in a single workout, while a less seasoned athlete can accomplish the goal in multiple workouts. As long as you complete the challenge during the competition dates, you are a finisher!  


40K Bike: that’s 25 miles. A typical 40 minute spin class covers 10-12 miles. 
20K Run: that’s 12.5 miles. Run or run/walk as many as you can in each workout.


Everyone can participate! Every Woman Vote is about encouraging women to vote, but we all know that great women influence the men in their lives, just ask Harry Burn. It was a letter from his Mother, Feb Burn, that caused him to change his vote in favor of a woman’s right to vote. So, we invite women and men to ‘vote’ together and join the Challenge. Don’t forget, it’s free! 


Beginning on July 13, we will have a link where you can register for the event and the platform, FitRankings, where you seamlessly upload workouts. You’ll need a GPS-enabled workout devices, smartphone apps or smartwatch, such as Garmin, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Misfit, Polar, Strava, Suunto, Google Fit, RunKeeper, Apple Health and MapMyFitness, etc. Once you complete a workout, it syncs FitRankings and logs your progress.
Manual uploads are also available. Learn how here.

Find answers to FAQ’s here.

For technical issues, click here to email Fit Rankings.


Wherever you can safely bike and run! Ride on a trainer, a spin bike or outdoors. Run on a treadmill, track or trail. As long as you can measure your time and distance via a smartwatch, GPS-enabled device or phone, you can sync to the FitRankings platform.


At the end of the competition on August 16, your final workouts will be recorded and you will be emailed a digital Finisher Certificate. Then, on August 18, the anniversary of the historic vote that ratified the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote, we ask every participant to post their Finisher Certificate on their social media (any of them) as a way celebrating the day and sharing with others that you vote, in elections and every day in ways that make you, your community, and the country a better place.